Essay On Pharmaceutical Industry

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The Pharmaceutical Industry
The pharmaceutical industry is no longer in the business of helping people, the only thing drug company’s now care about is how much profit they can make for their executives and their shareholders. They do this by exploiting their medication and extorting money from patients who need their lifesaving medication. Because of the rising cost of medication, insurance companies are having to raise their premiums, causing more and more families to go without medical insurance.
Pharmaceutical companies according to Petersen are acquiring decades old crucial medicines and suddenly raising their prices astronomically (1). I am amazed that the drug companies can get away with marking their medications up anywhere from two hundred percent to five
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they would have to pay in the U.S. making it worth the consequence of getting caught at the boarder and possibly getting expired or counterfeit medication online, according to an article in Kaiser Health News “Eight percent of respondents said they or someone in their household had imported a drug at some point, a figure that would translate to about 19 million adults in the U.S. based on current Census population estimates” (Bluth 1). it also states that the “people who had imported medicines ranged from college students in their 20’s to retirees in their 80’s. They bought medications to treat chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and thyroid problems as well as acute problems such as sinus infections and acne” (Bluth 2). I am certain that number is going to continue to grow if someone does not step in and do something to make the Drug companies sell their drugs at a more reasonable price. I would like to think that this cannot continue to go on for very
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