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Marcus J. Paulus 2/14/2018 Plea Paper Plea Paper The plea bargain is necessary part of our justice system. This is because of the vast number of cases our justice system has to deal with each year it would be almost impossible to take all these cases to court each year. Plea bargains give people the chance to reduced there sentence by admitting they committed the crime or a less crime in order for the prosecutor to get a guilty verdict. The plea bargain process is supposed to be introduced to the discussion but they prosecutor and not the defendant. Plea bargain are intend for when the prosecutor has enough evidence to put some into prison they can reduce they charges they are being tried with. This will also reduce…show more content…
They are encouraged to use this because it speeds up the process and is easier for everyone than going to court. For the prosecutors they only have to convince the defendant that with will be found guilty if the go to court regardless if they defendant actually committed the crime. If you had not committed a crime and was told if you did not take the plea of admitting the crime and going to prison for five years or risking going to trial when you were just told it didn't matter if you did the crime or not because they will convince the jury that you did and you will go to prison for thirty plus years you will choose five every time. With the defense attorneys they just have to lower the sentence that there client will get and the “won” the case they don’t have to go to trial and do all the extra work it takes to prepare. The judges benefit also since they don't have to sit through trails they just agree the plea is good for the crime that they committed or not. Since everyone benefits for a plea bargain if the defendant is innocent or guilty the defendant is left to survive on their own if they don't have a great defense attorney that will do what's best and not what's…show more content…
This way the defendant and their attorney would be able to see if they actually have enough evidence to win the case in court. This would element most of the innocent people pleading guilty out of fear of long prison sentences like what Mr. Gampero did. The second thing I would change is that if the Judges or prosecutors make treats to put someone in prison for a long period of time if they do not take the plea then the case must be thrown out of be tried by a different jurisdiction. Like what happened with the OC snitch

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