Essay On Progressive Reformers

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The Progressive reformers were a group a people who sought to improve the overall standing of the United States through reformation. The Progressive group was made up of mostly college educated, middle class people born in the United States. Due to the middle class being such a big group of people, not all the Progressive reformers believed in the same issues. The main belief of the Progressive reformers was that the foundation for this group was that they all believed that the government must be involved with trying to solve the issues within American Society. Along with the Progressive reformers came their ideas of the different types of issues within the social and political environments. Many of the major issues, such as dangerous working conditions, extreme inequality of wealth, and corruption within the government of the United States were explored by them. These issues affected many of the Progressive reformers because of the fact that most of them made up the working middle class. They believed that using the ways of the government would allow for change to the environment, education, and the workplace to be made. According to the Progressive…show more content…
African Americans and many other minority groups were not able to benefit from the reforms in such a way that the white, working middle class would be able to. Even though various issues were becoming regulated by the Progressive reformers, African Americans were still segregated and had difficult times trying to vote due to the Jim Crow laws enforced until 1965. Another failure of the Progressive movement would have to deal with the vast number of people who made up the group of Progressive reformers. With so many different ideas being disputed between the people, many of these reformers fought for contradicting reasons leading to no progress in trying to solve the
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