Pros And Cons Of The Reagan Era

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Katherine Suarez America in the 80’s Dr. Madera M Edwards September 24, 2017 The Regan Era During a time when the United States suffered a worsening of the domestic economy, marked by the high rate of unemployment and inflation. Ronald Reagan addressed the American people as a Messiah. He led a growing conservative population called “New Right.” The values that Reagan transmitted to the American people were fundamental to his win in 1980. These were; national strength, patriotism, and individual empowerment. His message was antigovernmental; “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” The first few years of the Reagan presidency were very intense. He became the only President of the United States hit by a bullet while he was in office and survived. After the attack his…show more content…
Do not forget to mention this economic policy, it was centered on the reduction of social programs and totally changing the role of the State in the economy, only increased the incomes of the richest. On civil rights he had his pro and cons. Reagan gave the opportunity to appoint a woman to the Supreme Court. On the other hand, he opposed the 1965 Civil Rights Act, supported by Martin Luther King, Jr. In Ronald Regan’s mind, communism and terrorism were the organically linked plagues of the age. Like Carter, Regan saw communism as an unnatural, immoral system that suppressed human desires for freedom. Reagan used a term known as “Evil empire” to refer specifically to the Soviet Union, which would be considered as a “heap of ash in history”; later he predicted that communism would collapse. He was totally convinced that the Soviet Union could be defeated instead of simply negotiating with
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