Pros And Cons Of The Republican Party

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It’s that time again, election time! Time for both Democrats and Republicans to debate and campaign for what they believe and stand for. This can bring up a lot of serious issues that both parties have different views on. Everybody has a different opinion and some believe that the Republican party has offended minorities in America, Latino’s, homosexuals, women, etc. There is a reason for this and not just an offensive generalization. Some Americans see it as a human rights issue and give a lot of negativity towards the Republicans because of their opinions and how they are considered discrimination. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. Although the opinion of the Republican's may be different to another's, it should not be considered any less because there is a reason for this and not just an offensive generalization.…show more content…
That is a fact, but why? Each party has pros and cons, but why is it the Republicans have a reputation so bad, people from other countries even recognise it? Recently the Republican Party has been separating into two divisions, the minority of it being the Tea Party. The Tea Party is a radical, but small amount of the Republicans who have a louder voice than the majority. They have firm believes in Obama’s failure in presidency, minimizing the government and taxes, and conservative ideas, as shown with gay marriage and immigration. Although the Republican Party does, in fact, believe in more traditional ideas, as such, they are not as radical as they are represented by the Tea Party. The American population as a whole is seeing a misrepresented idea of what the republican party is, does, and
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