Pros And Cons Of The Roman Republic

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The Roman Republic was a good empire for a long period of time. They said they would never be ruled by someone again, SPQR. After a while, they got ruled again by emperors, but did they ever meet the common good? The Roman Republic somewhat meet the common good due to providing public services, preparing for a common defense, promote rule of law and protecting rights.

Providing public services Grade: B-
When It came to providing public services the Roman Republic earned a B-. The reason it earned a B- was because of the aqueducts, roads, and gladiators fights. The aqueducts was a plus on the Roman side, it brought water from mountain springs to the fountains and baths in close by cites. One aqueduct was 50 miles long from the source in the mountains, to the city of Carthage. At the same time, this was not good
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They earned a C+ because of how they determined and handled punishments. Romans overtime created a legal system with judges, lawyers, and courts. The punishment decision made by judges was based on individual rights, common sense, and fairness. Poor people got much harsher punishments than the rich citizens. If a wealthy roman hasn’t paid their taxes or debts they would be often fined as their punishment. What if they couldn’t pay that fine? Well, they would lose their citizenship and property. Sometimes even forbidden to come home. On the other hand, most poor people were sent to fight as gladiators, sold into slavery, or forced to work underground in mines. That 's not all, the punishments get more brutal. A large quantity of criminals got put to death on a cross, beheaded, or torn apart by beasts! To try and dissuade people from breaking the law, they severely punished people who committed crimes. One thing Rome could have done better is to not have had such brutal punishments that mostly always end up killing
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