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Why The Slave Trade Should Be Abolished. Introduction: My Dearest Friends, I am here today to exterminate the slave trade and I urge that you listen to my plead. I know of nothing worse than the absolute destruction and end to innocent African lives just because we think of them as a lower race. What have they done to deserve this? They are equal to us as we are to each other and thousands and thousands are being ripped from their own land. If we do not stop this now all of Africa will go down in history as the continent destroyed by the British. First of all the argument many make to support the slave trade is that Whites are superior to Africans and they have more skills and intelligence that they desperately need. I would like to destroy this argument from the start in saying that this is completely wrong. There is absolutely no proof that Africans are less talented or less intelligent than Whites. This is proof in many previous kingdoms of the Africans such as the Aksum and Ghana…show more content…
Although it uses one of the most torturous methods to do it I have to admit it’s a very good economic investment. However there are many other ways of making money for Britain without having to torture people. Aside from that it takes numerous people’s time, money and effort to create ships and work the trade. Instead of getting money from enslaving people they could simply make more working class jobs or just have normal trade. The final reason this argument becomes irrelevant is a lot of this money is being used to create a larger british empire and more slave weapons! A quote from Thomas Clarkson mentioned “For the first time I saw the tools of trade. I bought iron handcuffs, leg shackles and a hideous thumb screw.” This only proves that the British were making more and more weapons of the trade with the money that had been earned in result of the

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