General Dynamics Case Study

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Mr. Nigel Edwards, considering you are the PM for General Dynamics, UK project I would like to discuss the pros and cons of each PM approach along with the nuances of each as well as select an approach for your company and explain why it was chosen. Finally, the informative paper will close by using an example of this methodology. Waterfall is a well-planned traditional approach. The benefits of Waterfall are the relative ease in which the project can get off ground. There is a product developed at the end of each tier giving the team a better vision of the project. Tier work allows the PM to communicate a solid delivery date. The risks of the Waterfall approach include the impossibility to change the project without adding time or expense.…show more content…
The benefits to Agile include continuous customer involvement from beginning to product delivery. A working product is delivered at the end of each iteration. The process is value driven as team members and the product owner are determined to deliver a product that they are proud of. The risks in the Agile Process are that they must commit to daily involvement until the project reaches completion and they need to understand the terminology and functions. The main objective in the Kanban Process is a smooth flow from start to finish while eliminating unnecessary work. The Kanban uses a board that is divided into four columns. The benefits of Kanban are it reduces delays, the time to market and it delivers product often. Risks associated with Kanban include lack of time frames for each phase and team members can make the Kanban board too difficult. A board which is not kept update causes real issues. The Six Sigma method is a customer driven quality-controlled process. The benefits of this process include being customer driven, and it’s proactive in finding defects early. The risks include customer focus is taken to the extreme, the process has very rigid standards and has excessively complicated standards that must be…show more content…
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