Pros And Cons Of The Welfare System

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A majority of teens living on their own seek government aid to support themselves in the real world. In Alberta, for example, there are approximately 1,000 16-17 year olds collecting welfare money. This number varies around the nation, but the constant fact is that a large population of teens that are supporting themselves for varying reasons (issues with parents, conflicts at home, etc) turn to welfare to aid them and as more of these teens slack off on their responsibilities, the dependency on this monetary assistance increases. As a result, the ministry of Family and Social Services has begun to tighten up on the welfare regulation for 16-17 year olds (Fuller). According to Social Services spokesman Bob Scott, these cuts have been made as a result of complaints from parents who stated that the government was giving the teens a budget that made it easy to live on their own when they could easily return home instead. The more strict regulations have been put into place to prevent abuse of the welfare system from the teens parents, but many critics are concerned that this will cause prostitution and homelessness rates…show more content…
Welfare has long been debated on whether or not it 's suppliance is helping or harming the nation and its economic position. Many argue that abolishing welfare is the only way to make people accountable for themselves, but what about the children and people who were not given a choice and simply grew up in a poverty stricken environment? While welfare does have many issues, it should not be abolished, but rather reformed. In life, “There is no sun without shadow, and it is essential to know the night.” (Camus). The struggles that the nation has undertaken as a result of the impacts welfare has caused will allow the country to use these experiences to reform and better the system for all parties involved. Welfare is an investment into people and society, and if an effective, long term solution is not found, the nation as a whole will continue to
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