Pros And Cons Of The Youtube Effect

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The “Youtube Effect”

I agree with Moises Naim’s observations on the “Youtube Effect” because his ideas and observations are still as accurate as his observations were about 12 years ago. As an avid youtube user myself, I can vouch for his observations because not only do I use youtube for entertainment purposes like most young adults my age, I also use youtube to find out about serious issues that are going on in the world. youtube allows millions of people to watch and post all sorts of videos and I feel as though there are a few pros and cons of the “Youtube effect”. The pros of the “Youtube effect” are the fact that the informative videos can educate you on things you had no previous knowledge of. More than half the time, you can acquire more information from an informative video than you could just by watching the news. I believe that one other pro of the “youtube effect” is that just like Moises Naim stated in his article, When a video is posted to platforms such as Youtube, it gains more of a permanent presence with the help of bloggers and youtube enthusiasts as apposed to seeing something in the news that most people would end up forgetting about in a few days, Which brings me to the cons of the “Youtube effect”. In Naim’s article he talks about a downside to youtube and how with manipulation, it is harder to know what is real and what is not. I agree with that point because today, there are so many people that know how to photoshop and manipulate videos and photos
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