Pros And Cons Of Thinking Before We Speak

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A number of people believe before you speak as a negative practice. They state that when you think about your words before you speak them you censor your true words in fear of making another person feel offended by what you want to express. Thus, they suggest that we shouldn’t think before you speak, and instead always say exactly what is on our mind. Though I agree that we should censor our true thoughts only because another person might feel hurt by them, I disagree with the negative perspective on thinking before speaking, Thinking about our words before we speak them, in my opinion, will not always result in us censoring out true thoughts. On the contrary, through personal experience I have come to the conclusion that thinking before we speak has more pros than con, for it helps us express our ideas and thoughts clearly and exactly as we want them to be expressed, it prevents us from being unnecessarily offensive, and helps us stay out of trouble. Celebrities offer a great example of why we should always think before speaking. Famous people constantly put their foot in their mouths, expressing ideas or thoughts that, though not intended to offend or come out a certain way, are received as such by people. For instance, on 2011 comedian and Aflac voice actor Gilbert Gottfried posted several insensitive jokes on Twitter about the tsunami that occurred in Japan after a massive earthquake on March of the same year, one such joke being “what does every Japanese person have

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