Pros And Cons Of Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson, a founding father, was one of the main people that had to do with the passing of the Declaration of Independence. He was married to Martha Jefferson and had a total of eight children. Also, he was the third president of the United States of America. In this article, he tries to persuade James Madison to give citizens their freedom and to not keep them as slaves. James Madison, also one of the founding fathers, was the fourth president of the United States of America. He had one of the main roles in the ratification of the Constitution and was known as the “Father of the Constitution,” (James). Madison was married to Dolly Madison and had one child. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were close friends, but when it came down…show more content…
He also talks about the different kind of governments. He talks about societies without a government under force. The difference between a society government with people’s opinion, and a society with a force government is that the government that listens to individual’s thoughts actually takes them in consideration. While a force government does not really care about what society thinks. If they chose to do something they will do it with hesitation. This piece was written out to explain the pros and cons of dangerous freedom v. peaceful slavery. He explained what it would be like if people were given freedom even if it was “dangerous freedom,” and what it would be like to have a “peaceful slavery,” (Thomas). Thomas Jefferson would have rather given people freedom than to have them under slavery. Even though in the past he was a slave owner, he realized that it was wrong. This is an article that is written out specifically to James Madison. It was meant to persuade him into having the same thoughts as Jefferson which were to give everyone their individual freedom. James Madison however, was a slave owner. Jefferson tried to explain to him in his article that it would be much better if there had been no slavery even if Jefferson was once a slave
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