Pros And Cons Of Banning Cigarettes

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Governments want to protect their citizens as much as possible. In this case India had decided to tackle a potential health nightmare, tobacco. They created a bill to fully ban the advertising of tobacco companies for sponsoring sports and culture events. On the surface the idea came from good intentions. After all tobacco products have a long history of causing health problems in users.
However, a ban such as this affects many different areas of the country. In this essay I will summarize an article about the subject, the positives of a ban such as this, and the negatives.
To give a base of the subject I will begin with the positives of a ban on tobacco company advertisements. One of the issues to discuss is how tobacco company showcase their
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Without the ads less people in India would spend money on the cigarettes and use their money on other products. With more money being available more jobs would be necessary to do the work needed to produce the products. With more capital it would be possible for more business ventures as well, giving rise to new companies and even more jobs. One such area that would grow is the health care market. As there is a hope that with less marketing some people will try to drop the habit. This would create a new demand and products like nicotine gum would find more consumers.
Lastly and possibly the most important reason for wanting such a ban is the drop in users. The article references reports from four countries all of which have a full ban on tobacco advertisements. These reports showcased a sharp decline in the amount of users in these countries over several years. Less people smoking means likely people’s children will want to smoke. Above all else the drop in users would be the most positive outcome that could come out of such a
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First it could damage their local economies. Secondly it might not even stop the use of the tobacco products, or cause greater problems involving them. It’s a very complex issue to solve for them. The best ideas I could give for dealing with the main reason for the ban, the health of their people and the children, is education and regulation. Put information out there to showcase the dangers of cigarettes. Along with regulating the products like Gutka better. Seminars in schools work wonders when it comes to keeping the young away from cigarettes and tobacco. It’s better to inform and educate than to ban in this situation because information will spread and grow into the public opinion, a ban will just increase curiosity on the
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