Tobacco Should Be Banned Pros And Cons

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Government of India announced on February 6, 2001 the decision of legislate to stop Tobaco Companies from advertising their product and sponsor sports and cultural events.
This create a conflict between pro and against ban, due to economical and ethical interest.

Pro Ban this faction was more concerned with public health and ethical choices to improve the quality of life of the citizen , even if this means reduce some people 's freedom. Their arguments:
- discourage adolescents from consuming
- a ban will give power to the government to launch anti tobacco campaign
- government will take side to help citizen wellness, as an ethical choice
- help reduce the cost of surgery due to smoke related illness
- if not smoking people will spend money
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Their arguments:
-2 tobacco industry was the major contributor to state exchequer at the time of the study
-3 tobacco industry produced 0.14 of GDP in India in 2000-2001
- unethical for a state to control citizen behaviour; in case of a ban the state is stepping in and tell to Indian population what to do and what to avoid
- if it 's legal to produce and sell a product than also advertise should be legal
- tobacco producers claimed they were not targeting adolescents with their Ads
- 8in a survey conducted by IMRB[2] showed that cigarettes ad did not create new
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In the case of a ban against tobacco the GOI is thinking of giving a strong signal about being interested in public health, but it 's a mixed signal, why being only against tobacco and not against alcohol or junk food or not reducing pollution? In the case of not promoting the ban GOI is not taking action against something that is creating public health issue in terms of spreading of smoke related illness.
The economical part of the conflict of interest could be more easy to solve, if the data are accurate it 's possible to visualize the gain and of tobacco industry in the country in terms of work, taxation, exports, and compare with the loss related to tobacco consumption in terms of more expenses for hospitals and social welfare.
In the case of a ban GOI will accept social crisis due to loss of jobs, while relocating manpower into other sectors, and accept less income from a very good sources of taxes, reducing all the program that taxes could pay (school, hospital,

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