Pros And Cons Of Tom Robinson Constitutional Trial

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Have you ever wondered what a court room means to most people? Well, to most it’s an equalizer for any man or woman present, but there is a flaw to this system. This flaw is bias, the amount of evidence, and witnesses. Today we will talk of whether or not Tom Robinson had received a constitutional trial. If you don’t know “To Kill a Mocking Bird” by Harper Lee, is a telling of age story, about a girl nicknamed “Scout” growing up, while slowly unlocking the secrets of her home town and the secrets of life. But before I digress any further, I believe that Tom Robinson had been dealt with an unfair trial in TKAM, which is largely due to the heavy amounts of bias within the jury, although he was allowed to hold a public trial. The root of unruly judgement is known as bias. For instance in Ch. 16, the jury had men dressed in the Cunningham’s formal wear, hinting that the men whom tried to kill the defendant Tom the night before, was in the jury. This just further proves my thoughts, because those that hate you, and or dislike you, will judge you with false accusations. Like Atticus( Scouts father) had once said “the court is as equal as its jury”. Bias can cause many uproars in the court, but a lack of evidence can cause the case to become confusing. Generally evidence is what sets the difference between a wide open case and a closed off one. For example, in the story the defendant Tom was held in prison for one year, while being blocked off
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