Pros And Cons Of Torture

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Imagine you are in a dark room, deprived of sunlight, sleep, and food. You are also beat every day in a enclosed room. This is described as torture, and the government (CIA) allows this just for answers to crimes that people may or may not have committed. Some results of torture are damaging to the body, not just physically, but also mentally. Several torture methods, like waterboarding or electrification, are used. It is not humane because the government has the technology for better interrogation methods, but they didn't use it. Torture can also lead to illnesses like P.T.S.D., which is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Therefore, torture should be banned because it damages the body physically and mentally, it isn’t humane, and it can lead…show more content…
Some reason is that they have the technology for a better interrogation,but the government just doesn’t use it. This evidence is supported by the Smithsonianmag. Also, the Cognitive Psychology says that there are more effective methods than just torture to get information. In addition, there was an interview of the PRI and they state that a test was conducted. The test was that a torturer was meeting the needs of the detainee and the test worked! They obtained the information they need. Then they tested this on many facilities meant for torture for a few months and the number of information gained rose by fifty percent. The CIA states that they got answers from the detainees if they treated them nicely.Overall, torture is not humane, because torture can be done in more humane ways like treating them nicely, and using better interrogation…show more content…
The people that they are torturing could be terrorists that have a chance to endanger people’s lives. To begin with, Donald Trump said that he would open back up many facilities with the correct equipment. The FBI has also started a program called H.I.G (High Value Detainee interrogation), which will use more humane methods to obtain high valuable information from terrorists. Even though the FBI started a new program, there is a chance that the torturer's will still use inhumane ways to torture detainees. Furthermore, torture can lead to head trauma and the prisoners will do anything to stop the trauma and that's when they say false information. This could lead the FBI to a wild goose chase. Lastly, even though many countries like Russia, Vietnam, China, etc. torture people. We should treat the detainees the way they would want to be treated so that we can acquire our needed valuable information to stop terrorist attacks. Torture should be banned because it leads to health problems, it changes the mind physically, and it is not humane. Torture leads to negative health problems, like PTSD. Torture also isn’t humane because it can kill the victims by waterboarding, or electrification, and torture leads to psychical body damage because the people can cuff you and beat you every day which can lead to broken bones. In conclusion,

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