Arguments Against Tougher DUI Laws

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Finally, I believe that tougher DUI laws should be enacted. For starters, people forget how many innocent people get killed by drunk drivers. People are not taking it into consideration, that tougher DUI laws are to help people from getting injured and or killed. Firstly, one very important precaution that many people forget to consider, is how they are going to get home after they have been drinking. Jacey Fortin journalist for the New York Times Newspaper, shares that, alcohol related car accidents were reduced as much as 35% in New York when Uber was brought to town in 2011 (Fortin). Thus, this point proves that if more states offered Uber, then more fatal alcohol related car accidents could be prevented. Secondly, another reason as to…show more content…
Firstly, Victoria Hospital in Canada has been offering a program to juniors in high school, called IMPACT. IMPACT stands for Impaired Minds Produced by Alcohol Cause Trauma. The program is to teach the risks of driving while under the influence of alcohol to high school juniors. For example, Katherine A Grant, and others, journalists for the Canadian Journal of Public Health, shares that "At the end of the program, students were asked to complete a short evaluative questionnaire; 74.2% completed the questionnaire. Of those responding, 97.5% agreed that the program increased their awareness of drinking and driving, and 79.4% agreed that the program would cause them to change their own behavior" (Grant). Thus, this point proves that these programs can help influence students to think twice before getting behind the wheel while under the influence. Secondly, offering more preventive programs like this one to schools all over, could expand student’s minds to the fatal possibly that could to happen to family members, friends or even themselves. For instance, Katherine A Grant, and others, journalists for the Canadian Journal of Public Health, report that, it was anticipated by the hospital staff to show the students the intense reality that these kind of accidents can cause (Grant). Therefore, this confirms that if more students are in access to this program, then the numbers of…show more content…
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