Pros And Cons Of Transformational Change

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In the previous discussions, the focus was transformational change development plan on a company popularly known as Microsoft. Microsoft had considered offshoring of its services and products hence involved a change in the way it operates. The focus on this paper is change management, the theories of Lewin, Kotter, Nadler and others involved. It also focuses on communication and implementation plans on how to conduct these plan for transformational change development plan.
In the 21st-century, methods used by organizations need to be prevalent as these transformations need to be stabilized and sustained in all locations. Change management involves a lot of activities, applying these activities can enable organizations realize the planned or
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The pros of both Kotter’s and Lewin’s is the fact that initiating change usually bring good development to an organization. Encouraging and accepting external influences also brings on a company to a lot of exposure which brings on good opportunities. The cons of the two men theories though is that there are no changing of the status-quo since change are only effected by top level management. Again there is lack of empowerment to effectively evaluate and make sure the change do occurs by the team for managing change. On Nadler’s theory, according to Wyman, (1995), the model’s theory does not put strict restrictions on the organizations of the managers and does not design a specific structure of the organization. It also allows interactions between all levels providing pathways for a change. However, applying the model of congruence can be expensive and time consuming, it also does not explain how the elements can fit together yet for it to be successful, and it means these elements have to fit in. Managers become more flexible which might limit abilities to come up with…show more content…
Communication has to flow in all ways. But a company like Microsoft has a lot of stakeholders at hand. These stakeholders can be the shareholders, the management team including CEO, or it could even be the employment staff. But because organization has to be effected by management, they are the major stakeholders who need to be communicated to. The communication given to these stakeholders has to be vital and properly analyzed because it affects the overall change.
What entails this communication is the change itself, the theories and methodologies involved in managing change, focusing on the disadvantages and advantages but focusing on the best. Their role in the change management and how through their involvement these desired changes can be achieved. The overall communication should be based on the change management as their transformational change development plan. Keeping in mind that everything has to be in detail because decisions are to be
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