Pros And Cons Of Transgenic Animals

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Negative impacts of transgenic animals and crops. (9 Biggest Pros and Cons of Transgenic Animals., 2015) & (G., 2015)
1. The use of transgenic animals is unethical:
- People that oppose the idea of modifying genes for animals to create offspring that will help the society in some way say that doing this is a major part when going against moral ethics. Additionally, animal advocates are particularly the main people that are not in support for this habit. These people strongly believe that animals also carry rights like humans and it’s against the rights to change their DNA and genetically modify it for human use. Lastly, the people also strongly disagree with the fact that hundreds of these animals are used for clinical trial research and transgenic animals are not unlike.
2. They can be unsafe for human consumption:
- The safety for the products produced by transgenic animal is no guarantee. This is true because not all experiments on transgenic animals are effective. Additionally, critics also pose the idea that they are concerned about the long run effect of vaccines an medicine produced by these transgenic animals.
3. They are victims themselves:
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For these people, there’s a small truth that they believe is somewhat significant, this is the fact that transgenic animals can help in science and medicine. But, these people also point out the fact that many innocent lives are being lost due to this technology for research purposes. These people also present the fact that the animal used for transgenic research can be one successful feast for a predator. Aside from the statistics that tell people that these experiments have a low success rate, during this process host animals can be
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