Pros And Cons Of Trapping

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Trapping animals is an age old tradition for all outdoorsmen, now people want to take that right away. Now it’s time to stand up and fight for our traditions. There are a lot of people that are in high places that are trying to ban trapping and saying trapping is bad for the environment and the animals. There are many reasons to not ban trapping and none to very few to ban it. Trapping is also good for your local animal populations and for the economy. It’s also a safe and efficient way to get rid of nuisance animals.
Trapping helps protect game animals while equalizing the predator population. Coyotes and foxes are responsible for some of the decline of the pheasant population in some areas. You look at the pheasant distribution map and the coyote population distribution you’ll see that the coyote population is higher in those counties with lower pheasant populations on the map put out by the sdgfp. That means that they wreak havoc on pheasants
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There has been multiple times I have walked up on animals sleeping, not only in box traps but in the leg hold and snares. A lot of the time too is that they are playing until I get there and they get all mad. Multiple times I’ve walked up to skunks and raccoons and they are busy playing with the trap or the surroundings around it. The trap only hurts the animals if it is way too big will hurt it. I caught a fox in a Duke #4 4-coiled foothold, that trap was two sizes too big for that fox, it about broke the fox’s leg but it just tore into the skin and some tendons. Another time I hurt an animal in a trap was when I caught a small skunk in a dogproof raccoon trap and I think it broke its leg from being so committed to the trap. With that being said is that traps don’t hurt animals if they are the appropriate size for that
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