Pros And Cons Of Treaty Of Versailles

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Jong Heon Yoo
In-Class Essay
Essay Question: “To what extent can the Treaty of Versailles be considered a fair settlement?”

Versailles Treaty, which was one of the peace treaties made during the disastrous World War 1, has numerous opinions or aspects that some countries took a lot of advantage from it and others did not, or every nations got a fair chance. The essay question for our class is, “To what extent can the treaty if Versailles be considered a fair settlement?” It is hard to mention that the Versailles Treaty is completely unreasonable, however, numerous parts of the clauses were unjustifiable, and some countries faced excessive penalties of the war such as Germany.

First and foremost, losing sides not being able to be a part of the discussion was one of the main reason why Treaty of Versailles cannot be considered as a fair agreement. During the Treaty of Versailles, neither the losing side were allowed to have any representations during the discussion, nor they got an invitation to participate in the agreement. In addition, Germany was even forced to sign the agreement due to the threat of being invaded by the Triple Entente. Since Germans are no longer strong enough to endure the three major powers in Triple Entente, they had no choice but to sign the treaty. On the ground of this, many people call this a “Diktat” which means a harsh, punitive settlement on a defeated nation. political party. Since the losing side had no chance to claim for themselves,

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