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Ever since the Internet has evolved beyond limits, it is helping mankind in great ways to excel and to get equipped with knowledge. But despite of its great advantages it can be misused. There are many people who are ready to spam "world wide web" for their own good. That's just one example Internet can be misused in many different ways. For an instance, suppose you are accessing a malicious site without knowing that as soon as you click on its link, it will infect your computer with malware and send your personal information to the spammer. Though it is not usual for someone to steal your personal information, but it is still happening with millions of people around the world. Many trusted web applications also track your activities on the web to serve you related and targeted ads. Though these trusted sites will never misuse your gathered data, but you get my point there is no privacy.…show more content…
Ultrasurf is a desktop based proxy program developed by the UltraReach Internet Corporation. It was originally developed as an Internet censorship circumvention product, i.e. a tool for unblocking the country specific censored material. It uses an HTTP proxy server to bypass internet censorship and firewalls and also includes encryption layers and protocols for privacy. Ultrasurf is a great tool to surf the internet anonymously without leaking your private information over the Internet. It creates an encrypted tunnel between the user's computer and the proxy servers and hence effectively encrypts and hide your private information. But that's not all, it also enables users to bypass censorships and firewalls. This means that you can not only access sites that are blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) but also access sites that are not allowed or censored in your country. Before going on to the complete guide about how to use Ultrasurf, let us take a look why it is different from other similar tools. Why you should use Ultrasurf over other similar

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