The Pros And Cons Of Undocumented Immigrants

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Have you an american citizen thought about all the hard work undocumented immigrants have to do just to become an american citizen? Undocumented immigrants are humans just like us they have the right to chase after their dreams so why not let them. About 11million undocumented immigrants are here in the U.S most of them are here to find a good job and give there kids/family the opportunities they deserve to become someone in life. What all Undocumented immigrants want is for their families not to be torn apart, keep the american tradition and help the economy get better. One important reason that Immigrants should get a path to citizenship is that they help keep the American tradition. According to senator charles E. schumer (upfront magazine) quoted “from my home in brooklyn I can see the state of liberty which welcomed my ancestors so many years ago. ”What senator Charles E. Schumer is saying here is they need to modernize and fix their immigration system, to ensure that the door to america remaining as open to the future generations as it was for their ancestors. Now, some might say that they are bringing in diffrent…show more content…
As senator Charles E. schumer has made clear they can help the economy by paying fines to become citizens. They can also help create more jobs and opportunities for employment. Schumer's point is that by paying fines they can become citizens and are also helping the economy. Some might argue that they are taking away opportunities for american citizens to earn jobs and salaries. However what must be remembered is that without improvement to the economy less people would stop moving in and would take a long time for americans to make to economy the same way as diffrent undocumented immigrants would. This is fundamentally why ,if undocumented citizens get deported the economy would not be improved by other
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