Pros And Cons Of Universal Healthcare

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Universal healthcare is best described as free healthcare for everyone despite your class in society. People throughout the country will no longer have to pay for anything in the healthcare sector. There are many pros and cons of universal healthcare and many disputes about it. One pro of universal healthcare is increased health throughout the Irish population and one con of universal healthcare is increase in tax payments.
Firstly one of the biggest pros of universal healthcare is overall health of the Irish population As it stands many people can’t afford health care due to problems in our economy. Universal health care would ensure that people who are in need would be able to afford it. This would see many people getting the help they need and there would be an overall decrease in many people who are sick and therefore there would be an increase in productivity (Education Portal, 2014). In a family universal healthcare would ensure that there would be no financial stresses due to doctors’ bills. Each time a person goes to see a doctor they are paying at least 50 euro, so in turn big families which would consist of two adults or two or more children would be paying on average 250-300 euro on a doctor this money could be spent on other essential bills but because health is so important families are willing to go without and therefore facing serious financial debt due to medical costs (Education Portal, 2014). So universal healthcare would take all the stress of a family and
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