Pros And Cons Of Universal Vaccines

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The Universal Vaccine Controversy Vaccines have become a major part of our world today. A large number of diseases have been prevented from large, deadly outbreaks. Although vaccines usually seem to be projected as having a positive effect, many people refuse to receive vaccinations. These people believe the side effects of vaccines could be potentially worse and cause more damage than the risk of getting the disease itself. Because vaccines are highly controversial, it is important to understand how they work and to then weigh the benefits versus the risks. People receive vaccinations or refuse to get vaccinations without the understanding of what vaccines are or how they work. “A vaccine is a product that produces immunity from a disease and can be administered through…show more content…
Many other serious side effects have been blamed on vaccines but proving the vaccine actually caused the disease is extremely hard and even impossible to do. A majority of the time children develop illnesses or are diagnosed with diseases around the time the vaccine was received (“Vaccines and Side Effects: The Facts”). The vaccine always becomes the easy thing to blame. Evidence just isn't there to support these cause and effect links with vaccines. There seems to be more positive impacts of being vaccinated than not being vaccinated. “Vaccines are the best defense we have against serious, preventable and sometimes deadly contagious diseases” (“”). There are multiple reasons for getting vaccinated such as avoiding potentially avoidable diseases, protecting the loved ones around you from retracting diseases and simply because no one has time to get sick and miss out on important aspects of life. Vaccines have been proven to prevent outbreaks of diseases (“”). An outbreak is a cluster of connected cases in a certain area
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