Benefits Of Unpaid Internships

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Should unpaid internships be illegal? Well, there has been many opinions on this matter whether the interns should be paid or unpaid. I believe that interns benefit primarily on the experiences, which is why they receive no pay because they have no experience, which makes sense. Others many argue that paying interns in a work environment for on job training will benefit the employer and the intern. I have a firm belief that internships should not be illegal because internships do not require a full work week and majority of the time the internship is held through the college to receive a credit towards a degree, which in my belief replaces the pay with a lateral benefit.…show more content…
This is a very bias remark that is placed on an internship role. My view on this topic outlines that whether an internship is legal or illegal vs. unpaid or paid, there are laws setup that companies must be in compliance with in addition to the intern being understanding that they are receiving a college credit or experience in a future skilled area. I think to sum this all up, is that everyone is entitled to their opinion on this topic; however, research has shown that it is not illegal to have unpaid internships nor is it illegal. Lastly, many people have this false reality of how many hours an intern works. Interns barely make a part-time cut off. I’ve never seen nor heard of an intern working 40 hours, because at that point you’re considered full-time, which I would then agree that you should be compensated monetarily. I have skimmed through several articles that have mentioned that internships have gone left and right for most people. People can argue that they were doing their bosses work or they were running coffee errands and printing papers. Either way the arguments has been settled for unpaid illegal or paid legal. Since reading many arguments, I cannot find any other arguments that can go back and forth with my reasoning, but somehow I always end up coming back to the experience and how many students cannot afford to not be paid. Furthermore, I think people should dig deeper, because there are paid internships out there in specific fields. I have seen it happen. I think the trickiest part is in the more detailed field, but it is bound to be understood that those are competitive areas in which will probably require you to do some free hours of labor. At the end of the day, I think it has more of a benefit for people who are interning rather than the
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