Pros And Cons Of Unpaid Internships

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Should unpaid internships be illegal? Well, there has been many opinions on this matter whether the interns should be paid or unpaid. I believe that interns benefit primarily on the experiences, which is why they receive no pay because they have no experience, which makes sense. Others many argue that paying interns in a work environment for on job training will benefit the employer and the intern. I have a firm belief that internships should not be illegal because internships do not require a full work week and majority of the time the internship is held through the college to receive a credit towards a degree, which in my belief replaces the pay with a lateral benefit. When making steps towards an internships and following a passion of yours the upside to this “unpaid” internships could be obtaining experience in a field of interest. In most cases, internships are equal to an entry level. Most companies will not hire you in an entry level field without prior experience, which is a plus. The New York Times mentions “Indeed, 79 percent of employers surveys said that unpaid internships have a positive impact when they evaluate graduates for hire.” Additionally, these learning opportunities create a bigger stepping stone into most companies and have a great network opportunity. It can be argued that a con to this pro could be that many people, especially now that younger generations cannot afford a “non-paying” role in a work environment. Another factor which why

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