Essay On Urbanization And Suburbanization

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1. The urbanization is a crucial process for the development of any society as it allows to make an emphasis on the development of the cities, where a significant amount of financial resources concentrate. The fact that many people moved from the rural areas to the cities in the middle of the 20th century, caused an immense growth of an industry, trade, and business across the country. There are both positive and negative outcomes of the urbanization; however, these outcomes are most commonly referred to as the push-pull factors. Both push and pull factors can be beneficial for particular groups of people while being disadvantaging to the other groups. In addition, it is always necessary to consider the push-pull factors when analyzing the processes of urbanization and suburbanization.
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The cities of the US are different from state to state yet there are commonalities between them that create the distinctive image of the typical American city. Talking about almost any city in the US, whether it is a megapolis or a small remote town, it is possible to notice a common element - paths.
Kevin Lynch distinguished paths as one of the five essential elements of the urban planning, and in the US, most of cities have straight long streets, which divide the cities into many squares. These paths are the feature of the rectangular grid planning and they are common for most of the American cities since they were all built when humans were already familiar with the basics of the urban planning.
Talking about the edges, as the element of the city 's overall image, it is necessary to admit such cities as New Jersey. New Jersey is the city that has a very classic suburb on its edges where the young families reside. These suburbs are also common for a variety of larger cities across the US yet New Jersey is one that represents the concept of the American suburb at its best. And the third element common to the American Urban planning is the shape and the role of the
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