Pros And Cons Of Using Cellphones In School

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Scott is an eighth grade student who is in a class where he can use his cell phone whenever he wants. He is always texting his friends and passing notes to other students. He takes a photos of his teacher and some of the other students in class even though he is not supposed to. He then goes ahead and posts them on his social media websites so all his friends can see. He also goes ahead and plays games on his phone when he is supposed to be taking notes. He does this and doesn’t even get caught so he continues to do this day after day whenever he gets the chance. Scott’s grades start to drop drastically and he falls behind in class. He is always distracted by his phone and never completes any assignments or participates in class. When his teacher comes by he always just turns his phone off and pretends he was just listening the whole time. When Scott gets older he isn’t able to be employed because as a child he was always messing around on his phone. This caused him to get into a bad college and not get a strong education. Now, he can’t provide for his family which forces Scott and his wife to work extra hard. Scott was using his phone very irresponsibly which caused many negative outcomes. Therefore, students should not be allowed to use cellphones in class at any time. They can be used for cheating on tests and quizzes, lead to online bullying, and can cause distractions in the class. First off, if you can use cell phones at any time, then they can be used for cheating
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