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Vaccinations have saved tens of millions of lives and eradicated many deadly diseases such as Smallpox and Polio ( Over the years, a debate has ignited about whether or not schools should require students to receive vaccinations. While all fifty states have laws that require immunizations to children who attend public schools, almost all of them offer some sort of exemption. Some exemptions are valid, such as children who can not receive vaccines due to an underlying medical condition like a weakened immune system. Other exemptions are frivolous such as religious or self-choice. In some states, its as easy as checking a box on a school registration form to opt your child out of receiving these life-saving vaccines. Without vaccines, many harmful diseases would spread rapidly and many children and people of all ages would die. The bottom line is that children need to be vaccinated in order to ensure their safety and remain happy, healthy individuals. Schools should require students to be vaccinated because vaccines are a proven way to prevent infectious diseases, vaccine protect students who can not be vaccinated, and personal…show more content…
The lives of millions across the globe are at risk if the population does not stay vaccinated. Without vaccines, the spread of disease would be rampant and we must value the use of vaccines against these diseases. Schools should require students to be vaccinated because vaccines are an effective way to prevent infectious diseases, vaccine protect vulnerable students who cannot be vaccinated, and personal opinions of parents who oppose vaccines hold no value when the spread of deadly diseases is at risk. Legislators and school district across the country should uphold current immunization requirements and crack down on those who have exempted from vaccines for non-medical

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