Essay On Mandatory Vaccination

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Should vaccination be made mandatory?

Vaccines are life saving biological preparations that provide immunity to the administered people. This process called vaccination is a Life saving, miraculous, act that has been an effective tool for many goverments to achieve amazing public health victories

Whenever some one utters the word vacination , the picture that comes to our mind is the childhood memories of being vaccinated and the related pain. As a child everyone of us would have screamed and yelled in pain whenever vaccinated not to forget the fever that we get for the next two days making our elders happy that the vaccine is indeed working.

Eventhough vaccination is not a very pleasant experience it is a Potential weapon for the mankind to deal with many diseases to not only to control many diseases but also eradicate them totally. Not long ago one single disease - small pox was killing millions of people or even worse making them blind for the rest of their lives. But with sustained Vaccination efforts mankind was able to eradicate this disease in 1980 and was declared by WHO

Many countires have been adopted the vaccination programs in innovative ways to control and eradicate diseases which are a local problem. As we all are aware, Rabies is a killer virus in mammals that
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These people would have a compromised immunity. These people relay on the vaccinated people to protect them against diseases. Moreover, it is extremely difficult to cure these people form these diseases. Would it be fair to allow the those people and small children to

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