Childhood Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory

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Childhood vaccinations have become one of the most effective ways in preventing transmittable diseases. However, parent concerns surrounding their effectiveness, risks, need and safety has sparked a number of individuals to refuse childhood vaccination for their children As a result, outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases continue to increase. With the surrounding controversy, this topic has become a very thought-provoking argument. Although some parents choose not to vaccinate their children, childhood vaccinations should be made mandatory because they protect children from deadly diseases, protect other children too young to be vaccinated or those who have compromised immune systems, and they are also safe and effective.
Vaccines protect
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Childhood vaccinations are mandatory for children whom attend public schools. However, exemption for religious, medical and conscience beliefs are permitted. This exemption poses a threat to those individuals in school or daycare who are susceptible to these diseases. The result of this threat could be devastating (Holsinger 3). Furthermore, adults are also susceptible to infection from these diseases. Therefore, Laws should be put in place to make vaccinations mandatory for all children of school age regardless of beliefs. This will aid in the prevention of outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases and protection amongst these individuals. The final point to support my argument is that vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective. The previous points given such as the decrease in disease occurrence and minimal side effects contribute to the validation of this…show more content…
Some common reported side effects of childhood vaccinations include fever, other viral symptoms and pain. There has also been speculation that these vaccination may contribute to autism. However, this has not been proven. Although, side effects are a valid concern. No truly harmful side effect has been commonly associated with vaccinations. The benefit of the vaccinations outweigh the negative. The fact of the matter is vaccinations allow protection against deadly diseases this world could once do nothing about.
The last opposing argument that has emerged from this topic is that decisions to vaccinate should not be mandatory by law. It is believed that an individual’s medical choices should not be governed. This is also a valid point. However, the decision to not vaccinate ones child not only affects the child’s health but the health of others. This point alone validates why it necessary to mandate vaccinations for all
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