Pros And Cons Of Valley Forge

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Valley Forge. Would You Have Quit? Many people are going home from these harsh conditions, but I will fight for my country. We got there at December 19, 1777, we are 22 miles from Pennsylvania, many of us are sick, it is very cold, and we are hungry. I was asked a question which is: will you reenlist and fight for our country or will you quit and go home.I am going to reenlist for three reasons which are: I want to have freedom, Washington needs more men, and Congress is bringing more supplies. The first reason I am going to reenlist because I want freedom. Britain should not lay down huge taxes (Thomas Paine page 153). This reason makes me want to reenlist because Britain lays down huge taxes, and there are strict acts. I also couldn’t even afford to live in a house without losing so much money because of the taxes. Also I’ve was already in the army so if I leave the British might punish me for being a patriot. The second reason I am going to reenlist is because Washington needs more men. About half of the people are getting sick ( Busch page…show more content…
Another reason I want to reenlist is because I am a patriot. The reason the question: If you were a soldier at Valley Forge would you have quit, this question is important because if more soldiers reenlisted it might change our perspective of the war. It also might of changed what happen in the war because if there were more soldiers the army might of been stronger. I get why some people would not reenlist because the conditions are bad, about half of the people are getting diseases, lots of people are dying, the British has more men and they have more supplies, or beds are just straw on the mud floor in our log huts which only hold 12 men and half of them could be sick, but I will stay because Washington needs more men, I want freedom, there are more supplies, and I am a
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