Pros And Cons Of Video Games Essay

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In 2007, it was estimated that 81% of American youth played video games at least once every month with about 8.5% of them video game addicts. With video games now more prominent, it now estimated that up to 90% of American youth aged between 12-18 play at least 14 hours of video games every week. With such mind boggling numbers coupled with the many studies suggesting a link between video games and psychological/neurological disorders, the question Are video games a bad influence? is very relevant. Nonetheless, one thing to keep in mind is that researchers never seem to agree on whether video games are bad or good for children. Since there are so many studies demonizing video games, this article analyzes the pros of video games.

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For instance in playing street war simulation games, a player has to not only be aware of their position relative to that of the enemy but also of that of their enemies including their direction, strengths, speed, aim accuracy among others. They will then have to process all the information and coordinate their eyes and hands to execute actions in the game. These skills may come in handy in situations that require delicate hand eye coordination such as surgery.

One of the biggest reasons why the question Are video games a bad influence? Is the argument that games make the youth antisocial? However, research has shown that games can be a learning and stimulating experience just like any other social endeavors. Since a significant percentage of players play video games with friends or family, the games present a right mix of entertainment, fun, and bonding that other activities such as watching TV would. Besides, since most multi-player games require comradeship, logistics, and cooperative play, the argument that video games promote anti-social behavior does not hold
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