Pros And Cons Of Video Games

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The Pros & Cons of Gaming
One of the biggest contradictions nowadays is about the effects of video games on people and especially children, mostly because of the violence that is included in many of these games and no one can disagree that some video games can be extremely violent. However, in order to measure violence one must first define violence.
Violence in games can be defined in many ways. A game may be violent when it is extremely fast-paced or it contains many gory elements. Or if it includes weapons and, or a lot of blood or even “bad” language. Does that however, make it a violent game? A great example for this is a game called Carmageddon which was published in 1997 and it consisted of the player driving over pedestrians to gain points and blood would be splashed everywhere. Then because of a massive attack by the media and the public the producers decided to change the pedestrians with zombies and the red blood with green blood. Does that however, make green blood less violent than red blood and zombies less violent than humans? This variation in the definition of violence in gaming has made it hard for different researches on this subject to be compared since its researcher has his own definition of violence. There for, there should not be a difference between violent and non-violent games since every game contains violence at some degree.

Still, a high percent of people including the media and many politicians believe that games are only harmful for those who
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