Pros And Cons Of Violent Video Games

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The world we live in right now is full of technology. Some is used for entertainment, communication, and medical purposes. Many argue that some technologies are helpful, like credit cards and ultrasound machines, and some technologies are bad, such as nuclear weapons and some of the features found on smart phones. But one piece of technology that many argue is bad is that of entertainment, specifically violent video games. There is a company that places ratings on video games known as the ESRB (entertainment software rating board). They review video games before they are published and grade them on their content. The ratings are RP (rating pending, for games that have not received a final rating yet. It is used for marketing purposes only and games with an RP rating may not be sold), EC (early childhood, usually learning games), E (everyone), E10+ (everyone age 10 and older), T (teen), M (mature), and AO (adults only). However, even though these ratings restrict who can purchase violent or inappropriate video games, there are people who want them to have an even more strict rating than they already have or even have them made illegal. As a former gamer myself, I can argue that is not the correct course of action. Ratings on video games are put in place for a reason: to regulate who can purchase them. On video games with a rating less than M, anyone may buy them and play them. On video games that have been given an M (mature) rating by the ESRB, you must be at least 17 years
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