Pros And Cons Of Virtual Classroom

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Virtual classroom is a well discipline learning environment as each is separated by space and time, instructor update their content and manage to whom they like to share with. It is useful for instructor and students as well. It saves time and cost of both, as they can easily communicate online and can ask quires. It provide high level interaction for e-learning and in this century technology like virtual classroom are important for the methods to be optimal and concise for providing a real time classroom for instructors and students. Our objective for this research study is to examine what are the impact of virtual classroom on instructor and students, their views and understanding by using it and their pros and cons on both instructor and students. To fulfill our objective we research on some universities instructor and students by providing them online course of semester using different platform and its result was mostly positive as students and instructors with great experience used virtual classrooms more than less experienced. Other than all of its pros and cons, it has more flexibility than traditional classroom, huge amount of instructors and students accepting it to be used for their all semesters.

Index Terms—Virtual Classroom, Learning Environment, E-learning Technology.

he virtual classroom, the idea that enable the compassion of the study all the way through the distance. The main reason of this study is to be recognizable with student
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