Pros And Cons Of Voluntary Military Service

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Military service can be described as the services offered by an individual, a group, or any other militia with the main aim of protecting or defending a country against external invasion as well as promote peace. Across the globe, different countries utilize diverse recruitment techniques to get the people to join the military service, such as the army, air force, navy, and marines. These techniques often include mandatory and voluntary military service. There several benefits and limitations associated with either approach, particularly for a country that doesn’t combine both in their military service while recruiting employees to their armed forces. Voluntary military service is usually considered to be the best approach to staffing a country’s military branches as compared to mandatory or compulsory service.
Voluntary military service derives its manpower from volunteers, who must meet the minimum requirements as defined by the military jobs that they’re volunteering for. In essence, it involves a decision to work in the military based on one’s willingness to do so. In fact, Ruschmann argues that this is one of the most popular variants that entail drafting people without the need for recruitment advertisements (9). In most occasions,
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First, it allows for the protection of basic human rights, such as right to conscientious objection. As noted earlier, voluntary military service derives from the use of attractive salaries and bonuses, and hence there is no stern restriction regarding one’s right to join or leave the army, the navy, marines or even the air force. This explains why this recruitment practice is mainly used in countries like the United States ' Armed Forces that seek to promote the basic tenets of human rights protection. Therefore, voluntary service helps preserve a country’s reputation as the one that respects and protects human rights (Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
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