Pros And Cons Of Voter Identification

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Voting means the right to choose and not being deprived of same on the basis of some kind of identity.
In the recent years, state legislatures have implemented a law “Voter Identification”. These laws make the voters to show a proper identification card provided by the state that can identify the voter. In most of the cases the voter identification even requires a photo. Voter identification so far is a hotly contested policy of election. Proponents have to maintain the vote Identification cards in order to avoid any kind of voting cheatings.
Critics on the other side believe and contend that voter fraud now a time is very rare and identification requirements disenfranchise effectively some of the Americans that also includes racial minorities, elderly including some of the disabled. In general, the voting laws are measures that are intended to make sure that a registered person/voter is the one who he/she says he/she assuming not a impersonator who is trying to cast a vote under someone else’s name. These laws, most of which have been strengthened in the due last five years, requires that registered voters are required to show some identification before they can
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The primmest of them include the voter fraud. This generally happens when someone uses other person’s identity and cast votes. Another cases that have happened over the years was that the one used multiple times to do the polling. In order to stop this voter Identification serves as the perfect medium as people would be allotted with an identification a while polling that identification could be cross checked and thus the exact where about the person’s identity can be known. This won’t allow the frauds to fool around and thus proper justification could be
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