Pros And Cons Of Walmart

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Walmart is a profit hungry company that cares more for their profits than their own employees. They have left workers unemployed, and town’s barren wastelands after cleaning out local competition. They are almost like a virus. Wherever there is people they pop up unexpected and do so swiftly. It isn’t just big towns with lots of people, it’s everywhere where people are in the smallest nooks and crannies of the United States. They come into a town and undercut all local competition, slowly the local store cannot keep up and fold up. Then with Walmart being the only resource in a town they pull up shop and leave town. They also continue to trade with China hurting the American trade deficit with China and causing a greater loss of American jobs.
Walmart has impressive numbers in both employee and profit areas. It is reported that over 100 million people shop at Walmart weekly (Walmart at a Glance). If every person spent at least one dollar than Walmart would at least have an easy $100 million dollars a week. However Walmart grosses much more than a $100 million a week, being that many customers spend thousands of dollars at a single purchase. Walmart carries everything and anything. They sell small things like groceries, all the way up to higher ticket items like T.V.s. They even sell firearms. Walmart has somewhere around 1.2 million associates all the way up to corporate. They have consistently hired 600,000 employees each year (Walmart at a Glance). Walmart first
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