Pros And Cons Of Water Fluoridation

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Water Fluoridation Rough Draft The leading reason people have been able to successfully dodge a life of major tooth decay or a dangerous nuclear waste byproduct? Fluoride distribution across streams has instigated decades of controversy surrounding the potential safety issues. Said concerns seem to be miniscule enough to sweep under the rug being that little to no change in formula has come since it started in 1945. Whether those in charge have given it a second thought or not is certainly to change, because for scientists recent test findings are currently weighing out the pros and cons that come with fluoridating the water. Over 50 years of research have provided the idea that fluoridation at optimal levels does not harm the environment…show more content…
Fluoridation is the best and most effective way to provide fluoride’s dental health benefits to everyone in our community, including children and adults – especially seniors. Nearly every large city and more than 195 million Americans receive the dental health benefits of fluoridation. In communities with fluoridated water, rates of dental disease are dramatically lower, and recent research links improved dental health to better overall health. In other words, healthy teeth mean a healthier you. Based on 65 years of scientific research, fluoridation is regarded by experts as one of the most effective public health achievements in the last 100…show more content…
Fluoride when applied topically can be done and then removed (spit) from the body, posing much less risk to the system than fluoride that is ingested and absorbed throughout. Any treatment that is added to water to treat the masses should be done with the utmost care. There really exists no medication or supplement that is tolerated by everyone. Aspirin, Tylenol and even a simple B12 vitamin may cause problems with some individuals. When a potential toxicant is added to the water, it will be hard, if not impossible, to track those who are sensitive to the material. If fluoride is helpful to the teeth, it should be applied directly to the teeth. Placing fluoride in the water makes it available to all of the tissues where it really is not wanted, in the rest of bones, the nervous system and the thyroid gland. At least there should be greater research and knowledge of what symptoms to look for with fluoride toxicity in those who are most sensitive. It also poses the potential to harm many who do not tolerate the given additive. Adding nutrients or drugs to the water supply is a quick way to supply the
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