Welfare Dependency: Social Disorganization Perspective

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Introduction To discuss about welfare dependency, I would like to use social disorganization perspective for my argument. Welfare dependency means that many poor mainland immigrants or the people who are poor but they have basic ability for work or maintain their daily life, however they only depend on the welfare provision from government such as Comprehensive Social Security Assistance(CSSA). As welfare dependency seems a problem affect to Hong Kong’s economy, I may explain the problem through social disorganization perspective and to find out the welfare dependency’s major problem. On the other hand, I am going to explain how the social disorganization perspective help us to explain not “only lazy people would live on CSSA” (Leung, 1998)and…show more content…
Welfare dependency was a social problem that start from 1997. After 1997, the CSSA cases are increasing in the few year. In 1998, Leung Kin Pong who is the social welfare department president at that time said “only lazy people would live on CSSA.” This quotations let the people who need to pay for tax and the people who get CSSA feel angry and have some conflict from in the society. Poverty, lower class and unemployment think can’t maintain their life so they need to get CSSA but they think government should not think they are the lazy people and the people who need to pay tax think the lazy people wasted their money for maintain a group of lazy people’s life. Also, we can see there are some description of “avoid people over relied or depended on the CSSA from the Social Welfare Department’s…show more content…
We can see the economy development in Hong Kong was quickly increase for around 2% per year. However, the Asia Financial Crisis have affected Hong Kong’s economy a lot. The Asia Financial Crisis was beginning in July 1997 it let Hong Kong’s GDP have decreased around 6%. Furthermore, the unemployment rate have increased about 5% in 1997-1998. There was around 70,000 people have lost their work. According to the statistic, we can see there is 70,000 people have no income but only increased 40,000 CSSA cases in 1997-1998. I think we can prove that there were somebody have lost their work but not rely or “live on

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