Should Drug Testing Be Mandatory

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Many families receive welfare or cash assistance. These families apply for welfare due to low income and then when they get money monthly for food it is called food assistance. This welfare program is called the temporary assistance for needy families (“Welfare Reform”). All over America many families are receiving welfare from the state. The welfare money comes out of the money taxpayers pay in. However many people question whether the money is being misused or not. Although people may misuse the welfare assistance for drugs or to support a drug habit, there are many families who make use from the money they are given therefore drug testing welfare patients should not be mandatory. Historically, many people around the United States have…show more content…
Unconstitutional meaning that it violates the welfare patients human rights. The reasoning behind drug testing the welfare patients is because they suspect something that is unfair to the welfare patients.One of the federal governments in the state of florida required that welfare patients some unwillingly to do mandatory drug testing. Doing this will affect many people all throughout America (Robles). Based off of the evedine many welfare patients in florida felt intimidated by this because there human rights are being violated. This shows why drug testing welfare patients is unconstitutional. This shows that it is unconstitutional because many families around America now may be left with a nervous feeling knowing what some of the governments have began to enforce which is to take a drug test to continue to receive food assistance.“In Marchwinski v. Howard, the ACLU challenged Michigan's across-the-board testing and the district court ruled in September 2000 that it violated the recipients Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches” (Lewis). This quote says that drug testing welfare patients violates the Fourth Amendment right against the welfare patients all around America. This proves that it is unconstitutional because the welfare patients are being drug tested with no suspect of drug use it is unreasonable.This shows that drug testing welfare patients is wrong…show more content…
Although this topic still needs to be resolved. Drug testing welfare patients is not the best option for one it is unconstitutional. Secindly it ends up costing more money in the end. This is because there are so many people in one state and they get drug tested. Well when they do this it ends up being that more people are using the assistance, and less people than they thought are scamming the system. Lastly it could also punish the children more than anything. The children end up going hungry. In order to resolve the problem by resisting. Make it know that this is not what the society wants. It also breaks The Fourth Amendment law. Due to this we need to stick up for our rights as a nation and all the welfare patients need to come together as one and stand their ground.Although it is debatable whether the welfare patients are scamming the system or not, the welfare patients have rights. Saying this it should not be mandatory for the welfare patients to be drug tested.The welfare assistance helps many people around the United States it is necessary it stays available to all of the needy families that have low
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