Pros And Cons Of Welfare

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Many families receive welfare or cash assistance. These families apply for welfare due to low income and then when they get money monthly for food it is called food assistance. This welfare program is called the temporary assistance for needy families (“Welfare Reform”).
All over America many families are receiving welfare from the state. The welfare money comes out of the money taxpayers pay in. However many people question whether the money is being misused or not. Although people may misuse the welfare assistance for drugs or to support a drug habit, there are many families who make use from the money they are given therefore drug testing welfare patients should not be mandatory.
Historically, many people around the United States have
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One example of drug testing welfare patients is that if the parent is violating the welfare rules the kids will then go hungry which then may lead the children to go to the hospital due to limited amounts of food (Lewis). The evidence is stating that drug testing welfare patients will put the biggest burden on the children with parents who violate the welfare assistance rules. This proves that children and many families need the food assistance in order to get through the days with these essentials. Welfare assistance provides for many families. This shows that if welfare was cut from a family the children would be put at major risks. “Children suffer even when only the "adult portion" of the benefit is eliminated. Without these benefits, families may be unable to meet children's core basic needs, such as housing and clothing” (Lewis). The evidence states that even if the parent is trying to live off just the children's portion the children will suffer as well. Without the food assistance from the state many families would not meet to the basic needs for the children. The quote is saying overall the without the help from the government many families would not be able to make it day in and day out. This shows that in order for the children to be set for there essential needs the parents need the welfare assistance. If the state started drug testing welfare patients it could punish the children this is another reason welfare patients should not be drug
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