Pros And Cons Of Whaling

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Dear Editor

Why do humans think that our lives have more value over animals lives? Whales have existed on this earth far before we did, yet we still use our power to control these victims and take bits and pieces from their lifeless bodies as we please, as if they were put on this earth for humans to slaughter. Whales are not commodities. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society which I am the president of frequently endeavours on dangerous expeditions to protect and defend marine wildlife from poaching. A couple of our key highlights over the past three decades include: Ramming and disabling the scandalous whaling ship, the ‘Sierra’ in the year 1975. Five years later In 1980 we also shut down over half of the spanish whaling fleet. I receive
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But I believe that actions which are considered extreme by one generation are considered progressive and enlightened by the next. When I got referred to as an ‘ecoterrorist’ at an Animal rights convention I replied with "There 's nothing wrong with being a terrorist, as long as you win. Then you write the history”. I as a person who cares very strongly about the well-being of the ocean, strongly oppose the idea of whaling. I believe in the welfare of animals and therefore I think a commercial whale ban needs to be put forth as whaling has gotten completely out of control. People can’t quite seem to grasp the concept that whaling is just not okay.

Anti-whaling activism has a short history compared to other forms of activism and environmental awareness. Early members of environmental organizations began protesting whale hunts around the world in the 20th century. Greenpeace doesn’t believe in violent acts of protest where as my team the Sea Shepherd conservation believes whaling has gotten to such a point that violent outbursts need to be taken to bring awareness. Some of the tactics we use are shining laser
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My name is Paul Watson, I am a former member of the Greenpeace environmentalist group, and as I stated above I’m now president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. On the 8th of November 1986 a group of anti-whaling activists including myself boarded two of Iceland’s four whaling ships and snuck into the engine rooms of two vessels and opened valves, which sent seawater pouring into the holds. We of course took great care in making sure no one was aboard. Which is why we didn’t sink all four, because in two of the boats there were watchmen aboard. These actions lead to the two ships sinking in Reykjavik harbor. My team and I claim full responsibility for the sinkings, It was worth it because in the end we probably saved around 200 whales lives that would have been caught by the two ships that day. This event is known as the Hvalur sinking. Some may say we’re crazy for doing such an act but I believe today’s radicals are tomorrow’s heroes. Even the news reporter’s questioned why I wasn’t scared of being charged for this action, I simply replied with ' 'If Iceland wants to go ahead and press charges, that would be great, as far as I 'm concerned, it would just bring more publicity for our
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