The Pros And Cons Of Wind Turbines

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How does it Work? Electric power is produced when the blades move by the wind, more like a windmill. The speedier and consistently the wind will blow, the more electricity will be produced. The generated electricity is ‘plugged-in’ via inverter into your home’s standard mains supply. Remember, the wind turbine doesn't work as a “stand-alone” system. You cannot operate it without the mains power. The moment there is a power cut, it will stop working. Wind power don’t make you self-sufficient with the electricity. It just help you to import less from the main grid and cut down on your electricity bills. Pros of Wind Energy: Wind energy has many advantages that help you to provide a source of clean and renewable electricity for everyone. Let’s discuss few of the major benefits of Wind Energy: 1.…show more content…
Now, not only the big cities and fancy towns, but small villages and remoe areas can also get cheap electricity supply. Cheapest resource: Did you know that very first wind turbine, that generated electricity was invented in 1888? From 1888 till today, wind turbines are gradually improving in many aspects. Initially it was an expensive energy resource, but now, it is eventually coming down in price, making it more desirable. Government is supporting the wind turbines as they are the cheapest energy sources, so government is putting subsidies to reduce the cost of installation. Many countries across the world providing incentives for only the installation such technologies that are cheap and environment friendly. , Low Maintenance You don’t have to worry all the time about your wind turbines. A new wind turbine can be expected to work for a long time without any maintenance work to be carried out. Although older wind turbines might need the maintenance as they do have reliability issues. The new wind turbines are much improved and reliable than the old
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