The 2000 Summer Olympics: A Case Study

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The Olympic Games our offered every four years with the Summer Olympics have been going on since 1896 with the first modern day Olympics taking place in Athens, Greece. The Winter Olympics also take place every four years with the first Winter Olympics taking place in Chamonix, France. Both Olympics took place in the same year until 1992 when the International Olympic Committee decided to stagger the Olympic Games, now there is a two gap between the Summer and Winter Olympics.

Ever since the Olympics have been offered countries have found great national pride in hosting the Olympics, however in recent years that mindset has changed and fewer and fewer countries each games are putting in to host. The main reason for this is due to economic
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$3.63B USD) (Auditor-General, 2002). With majority of the cost coming from built facilities. With an estimated loss of $2.2B (Madden, 2012) from the 2000 Olympic Games Sydney 's land used for the games is actually doing quite well with the all the grounds being converted into residential, commercial, and sporting suburb. Along with a master plan 2030, where Sydney hoped to have 50,000 workers in the area as well as being able to hold 25,000 daily visitors (Olympics, 2012). “Sydney projected a $6.3 billion impact creating over 100,000 new employment opportunities” (Burgo,p.14,…show more content…
A main reason for the higher cost were due to the events of September 11th, that made Olympic host increase the amount of security needed. However, they only built 3 venues (Utah Olympic Park, Utah Olympic Oval, and Soldier Hollow) for purpose of the Olympics all other venues used were already existing structures. However, unlike Sydney, Salt Lake City made an estimated profit of $101 Million, nearly doubling their estimate of $56 Million (Bloomberg News, 2002). Currently all Olympics venues that built for the Olympics are currently still being used for Olympic training as well as for recreational use the buildings that were currently there that Salt Lake City rented are also still in
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