Pros And Cons Of Winter Olympics

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The Olympic Games our offered every four years with the Summer Olympics have been going on since 1896 with the first modern day Olympics taking place in Athens, Greece. The Winter Olympics also take place every four years with the first Winter Olympics taking place in Chamonix, France. Both Olympics took place in the same year until 1992 when the International Olympic Committee decided to stagger the Olympic Games, now there is a two gap between the Summer and Winter Olympics. Ever since the Olympics have been offered countries have found great national pride in hosting the Olympics, however in recent years that mindset has changed and fewer and fewer countries each games are putting in to host. The main reason for this is due to economic troubles countries face leading up to the Olympics as well as afterwards. Prices continue to rise to host the Olympics along with Countries regularly going over way over the proposed budget, additionally countries hosting are not making their money back causing them to go into debt. The locations being chosen have seen a steady increase in cost to host the events specifically in the Winter Olympics, however the Summer Olympics sites are during in wastelands.…show more content…
That includes the 2000 Summer Olympics hosted by Sydney, 2002 Winter Olympics hosted by Salt Lake City, 2004 Summer Olympics hosted by Athens, 2006 Winter Olympics hosted by Turin, 2008 Summer Olympics hosted by Beijing, 2010 Winter Olympics hosted by Vancouver, 2012 Summer Olympics hosted by London, 2014 Winter Olympics hosted by Sochi, the Summer Olympics Hosted in Rio, and the 2018 Winter Olympics hosted by Pyeongchang. Giving an equal representation of the Summer and Winter Olympics examined at five a

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