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4.1 Wireless Security
One of the major problems with wireless technologies is their security. Non-wireless networking technologies require to tap into the actual line to see the flow of bits, however, with wireless all you have to do is be in the range of the transmitting device. This allows anyone with a receiver to pick up the bits “flapping in the breeze”. This causes security to be one of the main areas of concentration for all wireless technologies. 4.2 Four Essentials of Security
Security is made up of four essential parts: authentication, data integrity, non repudiation, and confidentiality. Authentication involves ensuring that transmissions and messages, and their originators, are authentic and a recipient is eligible to receive specific categories of information.[6] Data
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The device we will be looking at s a Local Area Network Access Point. It provides access to a Local Area Network through Bluetooth wireless technology. This is a usage scenario in which a Bluetooth device may need actual security, as a sensitive and confidential data may be passed between a laptop and a computer on the network. Bluetooth is capable of setting its security to various levels. In this example the device’s security is as high as possible, which is the real test for measuring Bluetooth security.
In this test the security mode will be set at level three, which ensures that all connections toward the LAN access point are authenticated and encrypted. Once again, the importance of pairing in a secure area remains the same. If an eavesdropper has all the information from the pairing, then the eavesdropper will be able to break the Bluetooth security. This is most definitely the weakest part of Bluetooth security. It is possible to make the link keys harder to compute by using a large passkey, this offers a small amount of added protection, but by no means is a

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