Pros And Cons Of Women Education

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Many cultures around the world question women education. Is it logical to educate women less and then lock her in a holy marriage? Why does marriage come just after some years of education? This is something we, modern Indian women, constantly face because it has become a conflict between our dreams and the society’s desires. In the present, I have been forced several times by many people to study any career that ends in around four years and then get married. “Get educated and then get wedlock” is a phrase I have been listening to since the past two years. When I was finishing high school, some relatives and my parents’ friends were constantly asking me what I wanted to study after finishing my senior year. I have always used to answer them with Medicine because that is what I love and wanted to be as my career. Besides, it is my parents dream to see me in the future as an independent professional doctor. As soon as those relatives heard me saying that I wanted to become a doctor, they started judging my parents and my decision. I remember that once, an uncle took almost an hour explaining me the pros and cons of studying Medicine. In other words, he was convincing me to change my mind and to study something related to Art or Business, since these careers take less time compared to Medicine. This modern Indian society’s opinion is that Medicine is a not suitable for girls because the career is way too long and that women need to get married by the age of twenty-three or

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