Women's Workforce Participation In Sobia Essay

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The article talks about women workforce participation giving example of a girl who belongs to a lower class family and struggles to survive in miserable circumstances. It begins with how the girl, Sobia is not allowed to enter the workforce after she graduates. She was told that she had to get married and her parents thought that if she got employed people in the society would feel that the family is suffering from some economic problems and this would affect Sobia’s marriage prospects. Sobia did diploma courses and trained herself as a beautician. She got married after a few years and had two children. Her relationship didn’t work well and she got divorced. She lost her father and was a single parent of her two children. She had no sources of income. As she was a trained beautician she got a job in a beauty salon. She put her children in school. She invested most of her time in…show more content…
They suffer from different forms of discrimination and hardships in everyday life. There are a lot of reasons why women are not allowed to enter the workforce. They are disadvantaged when it comes to opportunity and learning. The educational factor is a major issue in Pakistan. A lot of girls are getting education but a smaller number is able to proceed to post-secondary level and out of them most are not allowed to participate in the workforce. A lot of professions have now put a rule for the high educational requirement for a person to get the job. As women in Pakistan are limited to the access of getting higher education this restricts them to get into a workforce. Hence this factor remains a significant barrier for women. In Pakistan a lot of women are restricted because of their husbands as they are not well educated and do not allow their wives to get out of the house and work and the other reason is segregation (pardah). They do not want their wives or daughters to work in a male dominated
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