Pros And Cons Of Women's Prisons

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Demographics is a huge difference from men. Women's prisons are generally located farther from friends and family . This making visits from children, other family members and friends very difficult. The particularly for the poor . This is mainly because few states operate more than one institution for women. Since the Male population of man is such at a advantages , there is need for more prisons or jails . This make it's easier for her family and friends to visit.

Women population don't get offer the same programs as male . The small population of women in prison and jail is used to justify the lack of diverse education, Vocational and other programs available to incarcerated women . This is also effect the specialization in treatment and failure to segregate the more serious and mentally ill offenders from the less serious offenders. In
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Women facilitates are smaller than man prison based on women small population . Women facilitate have loosen security , generally the lack high walls , guard towers and cyclone fences . Which is found at most men prison . In recent years, there have been a trend to upgrade security for women prisons by adding razor wire , higher fences and other devices to prevent escapes . Females prisoners seem less committed to the inmate code . This is very serious in male prisoners as you break one code it could cost you your life . These is mainly because women serve shorter sentences then men , so women society is more fluid as new members join and other leave .

The women and men culture is different in several ways . First , Over half of male inmates but only a third prisoners are serving time for violent offenses. This can be conclusion on why women prisons are less violent than men . Men's population are divided by security levels , but most women serve time in facilities where the entire population is mixed . Next is , Men tend to segregate themselves by race which is less true for women
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