Pros And Cons Of Workplace Romance

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Pros and Cons of Workplace Romance Once upon a time two coworkers met and fell in love. This is no fairy tale. As surprising as it may sound, people at work don 't just cease to have emotions while laboring away at their workplace tasks all the time. Not quite like what the great Bard had to say, but... ...if you prick them, do they not bleed? If you tickle them, do they not laugh? If they leave before happy hour, do they not hit a bar? Of course they do. And sometimes a few of them just happen to get hit by Cupid 's weapon of choice. On a side note someone should have really reconsidered handing a bow-arrow set to a little baby and play matchmaker. Yes sure, leave it to someone who is not old enough to date! Moving on to the topic, at…show more content…
So here 's taking off the stern-dad hat and letting you go. Jaa Simran! Jee le apni zindagi!! Sing your way to work Yeah! That almost never happens unless you can 't wait to see that special someone. Imagine being on a 10 hour long date from Monday to Friday, every week. What is that saying that goes something like having your cake and eat it too? This is what it is for. Getting your work done while enjoying your time there too! And hey! If anything your productivity might just go up 'coz now you are the star of the office, putting in as many hours as you possibly can. Why would you want to go home and watch Tv when you can be finishing that report while stealing a coy glance every now and then? It 's not a date from Nope! This time you know the guy. You know his friends at work. You know his boss. You even know that if he claims to play the guitar, he doesn 't actually mean that he knows how to swing it like a bat. You have worked with him for some time and dating him won 't be a disaster like the first date you had with the nose

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